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FFL Transfers

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FFL Transfers
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If you purchase a firearm and want it shipped to the island, simply provide us with the contact information of the seller and we will handle the rest.

When your firearm arrives we will notify you to setup an appointment to come to our home based business and complete the transfer paperwork.

Be sure and bring your drivers license with your current Washington address. Also, bring your Washington concealed pistol permit if you have one.

We will hold your firearm for up to 90 days after we receive it. If you are unable to take possession of the firearm for any reason (including failed Federal or Washington State background checks) within 90 days then the firearm will be returned to the sender at your expense ($50 for handguns and $100 for long guns). Failure to pay the return to sender fee within 3 business days will forfeit your interest in the firearm to Discount Shooting Supply, LLC.

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